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What We Believe

To put it simply, we believe in Jesus.

God is not an idea or a concept; he is personal. He is big, powerful and living. He can speak for himself, and he has done so in Jesus. Jesus reveals God to us. We can know Jesus in the Bible, as God’s Holy Spirit brings his truth into our hearts and minds. Knowing Jesus is the way to receive the full, everlasting life of God. Knowing Jesus is what joins us together from all sorts of different backgrounds and nationalities to make up one family, the church.

We are an evangelical Anglican church. ‘Evangelical’ means that the good news of Jesus is at the centre of all we do, and we let what God says in the Bible direct us and shape us as a church and as individuals. ‘Anglican’ means that we are a part of the Church of England. You don’t have to be from an Anglican or an evangelical background to join us, however. Just come and join in and see for yourself. And feel free to question anything we do.